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Ketamine Treatments Near Queen Creek , AZ

At Atlas Ketamine near Queen Creek , AZ, our goal is to help minimize your pain. With Dr. Sean Ormond leading the way, we offer safe and customized IV ketamine treatments designed to improve your comfort and quality of life. Count on us for expert care that's focused on your needs.

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Listened To Me

The staff is very friendly and Dr Ormond is great he's the first Dr that actually listens to me.
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Kind, Caring, and Amazing!

This doctor is so kind, caring, and understanding. The office staff is amazing. Everyone is so sweet! I appreciate these people more than they could ever know.
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Enjoyed everything about this practice, the girls up front are on top of it, and the Dr. Is absolutely amazing! Professional and on time.

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Doctor Explained the Process!

Friendly people, and the doctor listened and took the time to explain how he wanted to proceed.

Conditions Treated at Atlas Ketamine

At our clinic near Queen Creek , we focus on providing relief and rediscovery with our effective ketamine IV treatments. Our approach is designed to offer hope to those suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, and chronic nerve pain. You can often see a positive change in your mood and overall quality of life quickly, sometimes in just a few hours, reintroducing joy and color into your daily experience. Dr. Sean Ormond and our supportive team are ready to accompany you on your path to recovery and wellness.


A new study in the BJCP in 2022 showed that single infusions of ketamine could lead to significant improvements, providing relief to those dealing with treatment-resistant anxiety. For those struggling with anxiety, ketamine treatments could offer a new way to manage your symptoms!


A 2022 study from the NIH revealed that ketamine can effectively reduce chronic PTSD symptoms without causing psychosis or mania, offering a new path for treatments. Ketamine infusions could assist in managing your traumas in a new way.


Recent findings by the Kaiser Family Foundation show that about a third of people in the U.S. suffer from depression or anxiety. Treatments such as ketamine infusions offer a promising path forward, with many patients experiencing improvements in their symptoms.


A case study by the NIH showed that ketamine infusion provides quick relief from obsessive thoughts, with the benefits lasting as long as seven days after treatment. If you're dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder, consider trying a ketamine infusion!

Neuropathic Pain

A study from the NIH in 2022 found that adding ketamine to the treatment plan of patients with chronic Neuropathic Pain (NP) led to a considerable decrease in pain levels, in contrast to standard treatment by itself. If you're experiencing pain, ketamine infusions could offer relief!

Bipolar Depression

A 2022 publication by NIH indicated that ketamine infusions could be an effective way to relieve symptoms of bipolar depression, underscoring ketamine's rapid antidepressant and anti-obsessional effects, thereby presenting it as a promising treatment option.

Why Choose Atlas Ketamine in Queen Creek , AZ?

As a leading provider of ketamine IV treatments, we take pride in offering patient-centered and high-quality care. Dr. Sean Ormond, a dual board-certified physician with a strong reputation in ketamine infusion therapy, is committed to a patient-centered approach and has successfully treated many patients, often resulting in substantial improvements in their overall well-being. 

At Atlas Ketamine, we understand that every patient is unique, and that’s why we tailor each treatment to the individual’s needs, from determining the right dosage to planning the number of infusions and follow-ups. Our deep commitment to personalized care ensures that you receive the best possible treatment. We look forward to helping you on your journey to wellness.
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Founder and Doctor of Atlas Ketamine AZ

Dr. Sean Ormond

Dr. Sean Ormond holds dual board certifications in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management. His medical training was completed at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he distinguished himself as Chief Resident during his anesthesia residency. This was followed by a fellowship in interventional pain management at Rush University in Chicago, IL. After completing his fellowship, Dr. Ormond relocated to Phoenix, where he practiced for several years in the Valley prior to establishing his own practice.

Integrity: We commit to the highest ethical and professional standards in all our actions.
Compassion: We empathize with and are sensitive to our patients and their families, providing understanding and support.
Respect: We approach our patients with the same care and consideration we would wish for our own loved ones.

Treatment for Anxiety, Depression and Chronic pain

Ketamine IV treatment offers a groundbreaking approach for individuals facing treatment-resistant depression and chronic pain. Administered directly into the bloodstream under medical supervision, this therapy utilizes low doses of ketamine to provide rapid relief. Unlike traditional treatments that may take weeks to become effective, ketamine can improve symptoms within hours to days, offering new hope to those who haven't found relief elsewhere.

The treatment leverages ketamine's unique ability to promote neuroplasticity and block pain pathways. Ketamine IV treatment is a pioneering option for enhancing mental well-being and managing pain, providing a lifeline for those seeking an alternative when other therapies have failed. 

Located near Queen Creek , Arizona 

Ketamine treatment in Queen Creek 

Dr. Sean Ormond and his team are committed to providing highest level of care and treatment for you at Atlas Ketamine near Queen Creek , AZ. We are dedicated to offering the safest and most effective IV ketamine treatments, backed by experienced medical professionals.

Our treatment protocols, including dosage and infusion rate, are tailored to ensure your comfort and the best possible results. With years of experience and a history of successfully treating numerous patients, we follow proven and dependable methods.

  1. Reduced Opioid Dependence: Ketamine, with its pain-relieving capabilities, serves as an effective means for pain management and lowering dependance on opioids.
  2. Rapid Acting: One major advantage of Ketamine lies in its rapid effectiveness, allowing for quick therapeutic effects in a range of treatment situations.
  3. Fewer Side Effects: Relative to other anesthetics, Ketamine is associated with less respiratory and cardiovascular complications, offering a safer alternative in various situations.
  4. Depression Management: Ketamine has been effective in managing treatment-resistant depression, offering rapid relief from symptoms.

Frequently Asked Ketamine Questions

What is ketamine treatment?

Ketamine treatment refers to the use of the medication ketamine to help manage chronic pain and various mental illnesses. It involves the administration of controlled doses of ketamine for therapeutic purposes.

How does ketamine work for pain and mental illnesses?

Ketamine treatment refers to the use of the medication ketamine to help manage chronic pain and various mental illnesses. It involves the administration of controlled doses of ketamine for therapeutic purposes.

What conditions can be treated with ketamine?

Ketamine has shown promising results in treating several conditions, including chronic pain, major depressive disorder (MDD), treatment-resistant depression (TRD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar depression, and anxiety disorders.

Is ketamine treatment safe?

When administered under medical supervision, ketamine treatment is considered safe. Ketamine has a long history of use in clinical settings as an anesthetic, so its effects and potential risks are well understood. Our clinic follows stringent safety protocols to minimize any potential risks.

Is ketamine treatment addictive?

Ketamine administered in a clinical setting, at the appropriate doses and frequencies, is not considered addictive. However, as with any medication, misuse or abuse of ketamine can lead to potential addiction or dependence. Our clinic closely monitors and regulates the dosage and frequency of ketamine treatments to ensure its safe and effective use.

What can I expect during a ketamine treatment session?

Ketamine treatment sessions usually take place in a calm and relaxing environment. The medication is typically administered intravenously (IV) or through other approved methods. You will be closely monitored by our medical professionals throughout the session to ensure safety and comfort.

How long does a ketamine treatment session last?

The duration of a ketamine treatment session can vary depending on the individual and their specific treatment plan. Generally, a session can last anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours. Our medical team will provide you with more information about the expected duration of your treatment sessions.

How soon can I expect to see results from ketamine treatment?

The timeline for experiencing the benefits of ketamine treatment can vary from person to person. Some individuals may notice improvements in mood and pain levels within hours or days after the initial treatment, while for others, it may take several sessions.
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